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Vacation Home Maintenance Services

Taps Construction and Property Maintenance LLC has customized solutions that are designed for shore homeowners who primarily reside elsewhere. We will keep a close eye on your property while you are away, making sure that everything is in place and ready for your return so that you can spend 100% of your time relaxing and enjoying your downtime at the Jersey Shore.

Going To Surf

Vacation Home Maintenance Services Overview:

We understand that managing a vacation home from a distance can be difficult. It can be stressful to have to constantly worry about your property especially when you can’t be there at a moment’s notice. That is why we offer reliable vacation home property management services — we will be your eyes and ears, making sure that your property is protected for the times when you aren’t there.

Our tailor-made vacation home services allow you to break free from your worries. We provide a broad range of property management services for your vacation property, such as contractor waiting, storm preparation, holiday decorating, party/event preparation, and much more.


With years of seasoned experience under our belt, we have created a maintenance checklist. We can guarantee the highest quality of service to ensure that you will always come back to the second home of your dreams.

Services Offered:


Your vacation home should be a retreat offering total tranquility — not dust or any stale odors from sitting unoccupied. As your dedicated property management, we will ensure that your home is immaculate all year long. We will coordinate with professional cleaning and housekeeping services to make sure that the property looks, smells, and feels exactly the way you’d want it to be.


While we offer a wide variety of handyman and construction services, we understand that you may have preferred specialty contractors that you may hire. We can coordinate meetings with any vendors you might need to hire to ensure that access to your property is always supervised. 


There’s nothing worse than arriving at your vacation home in the middle of the night, only to find out that the heater is broken or the A/C needs repair. To avoid these situations, our team will regularly inspect your home to check amenities, fixtures, appliances, and more. Our job is to make sure that you experience the perfect getaway for the short time that you’re at your vacation property.


Don’t let your car collect dust in the garage! If you have vehicles at your  vacation home, we’ll make sure that they’re in great condition for when you return. From starting up your vehicle routinely to to taking your vehicle for its scheduled tune-up, our property managers will stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance needs. 


This is perhaps our most rewarding service that we offer our clients. Do you treasure coming to your second home for the holidays but don't have the time to pack away all the Holiday magic in advance? We’ll make sure to welcome you with cheer by decking the home in the most festive decor. Staying over for the summer season? We’ll get your surfboards ready and get the champagne chilling on ice, so that you can hit the beach the moment you arrive. Whatever your plans are, all you need to do is let us know. We’ll make the necessary arrangements to prepare your vacation home for your arrival. No matter how seemingly small or eccentric your requests may be, our team will  strive to exceed your expectations — as we always do.

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